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The Femme Fatale:
A Toy Type Specimen

Creative Direction: Devin Dailey, Jonathan Torres
Design: Kasia Herh
👠 Type Specimen

The goal of this project was to create a type specimen while relating it to a subject matter that reflects it in design. I was tasked with designing a book for Toy, a decorative typeface developed by the Out of the Dark foundry. After researching and analyzing the structure and feel of the font, I decided to pair it with the archetype of the Femme Fatale. 

While most type specimens tend to highlight the different weights and styles in the family, Toy has none. Instead, the typeface has over 1000 unique ligatures that can be used to condense space in titles which created a challenge. With the theme of the Femme Fatale paired with its bold and sharp letterforms, the specimen aims to be dangerous, sexy and mysterious. 

🎓 Education
San Diego City College
AA in Studio Arts
(2019 ~ 2022)

California State University, Long Beach
BFA in Graphic Design
(2022 ~ 2024)
📚 Experience
Optiforms, Inc.
Graphic Design & Marketing Intern
(June 2019 ~ August 2019)

Associated Students, Inc.
In-House Graphic Designer
(August 2021 ~ present)

Emma Berliner, Inc.
Motion Design Intern
(May 2023 ~ August 2023)
💌 Contact

Kasia Herh

References available upon request.

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