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“Anthem Video” Thinx Teens (2023)

Thinx Teens

Art Direction: Emma Berliner
Motion Design: Emma Berliner, Kasia Herh
🩲 Period Underwear Ad Campaign

Thinx Teens is a sustainable period underwear brand. The brand's innovative technology, designed to be reusable, washable, and comfortable, supporting teenagers who are navigating their first periods or are seeking alternative menstrual products. The ad campaign is all about empowerment, challenging the embarrassing stigmas around periods and normalizing to talk about what’s normal about their bodies. 

I assisted with the motion design for these series of campaigns, which included compositing mixed media elements and typographic transitions.

“Let’s Talk” Thinx Teens (2023)

“I’ve Got This” Thinx Teens (2023)

🎓 Education
San Diego City College
AA in Studio Arts
 (2019 ~ 2022)

California State University, Long Beach
BFA in Graphic Design 
(2022 ~ 2024)
📚 Experience
Optiforms, Inc.
Graphic Design & Marketing Intern
(June 2019 ~ August 2019)

Associated Students, Inc.  
In-House Graphic Designer
(August 2021 ~ present)

Emma Berliner, Inc.
Motion Design Intern
(May 2023 ~ August 2023)
💌 Contact

Kasia Herh

References available upon request.

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